Club Rules and Etiquette

To ensure that all players enjoy our club, the following have come to be accepted as good etiquette at the Belleville Badminton Club:

  • Take part in setting up or taking down the nets.  When putting back the poles, be sure that they are safely seated in the rack.
  • If you are not a member, please pay your nightly fee to any executive member (just ask) when you arrive at the gym.  The gym is expensive to rent and all players must pay their share.
  • If there are spare courts, and no sign up board is being used, individuals finishing a game should still ensure that those waiting for partners should play next. Usually the losing team will leave the court so that those waiting can play next.
  • There is no real dress code.  Be comfortable.  However, your court shoes must have non-marking soles. Do not wear street shoes on the gym floor! Do not track dirt or snow into the gym or cafeteria!
  • Avoid abusive language, of course.
  • If your shuttlecock goes into another court, wait until there is a break in their play before retrieving it.
  • Singles are to be avoided if all courts are full and there are people waiting to play.
  • Remember that the high school gym’s primary purpose is for the students.  There may be cases when a basketball game is running late, or we may not have been notified of a preemption due to a school activity.  Be patient and gracious when this happens.  There is a high community demand for gym usage and we need to keep on the good side of both teachers and the board.
  • In general, be polite and considerate to those of, perhaps, lesser ability than you, and have fun!