The 50 membership limit for 2020-2021 season has been reached and anyone who is  still interested in joining the club will be put on a waiting list.
Important update for the 2020/2021 year:
We are very glad to announce that we are going to be able to play starting Sept 8th under the Federal, Provincial and Badminton Ontario guidelines that are in force at this time. Our goals are the safety of all and getting back to playing badminton!  The status of the Junior Badminton Club is still under investigation: we are not able to play at CSS and the available time at QSS is limited.An update will be provided when available.
Adult play  will be Tuesday and Thursday 7pm until 10pm at Quinte Christian High School, Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd (we were only able to secure 2 nights of play)
To meet the guidelines in place, here are the highlights you need to be aware of:
– The maximum number of club members we can allow at this time is 50 members.
– Guest “drop in” play is not allowed (this includes open house activities)
– Membership is $140 for the year with memberships available starting today via cash, cheque or etransfer.  Memberships are first come, first served. A family discount of $50 for people living at the same address applies.
– Half-year memberships are not planned to be available in the new year: we will re-evaluate in January based on guidelines.
– the Membership list (First name, last initial) will be listed on the website so people can determine if memberships are still available.
– If a COVID outbreak occurs impacting our ability or safety to play, the impact will be evaluated and refunding of appropriate membership fees (prorated) would occur
– When arriving at the school and awaiting play before and between games, a face mask or shield is required. A mask/shield must be used at ALL TIMES whether you are on or off the court.
– All areas OFF the court should be treated the same as any PUBLIC space: mask on, social distance, wash hands frequently and stop touching everything !
– An attendance sheet, pre-populated with your name and date will be present so we can contact trace as required
– Hand sanitizer will be provided, soap in the washrooms etc.
– Badminton birds will be “new” for each game you play. Birds will be cleaned, or sit for a week then used again in 1 weeks time.
– High fives, fist bumps, etc. to be avoided. A dry “nice game” will do nicely.
We are a volunteer organization, doing the best we can under these challenging times. We look forward to your feedback and assistance in making our Club successful…and safe for all.
eTransfer Instructions: 

if you don’t pay you can’t play

Joining the Belleville Badminton Club is easy. Just show up at the gym and ask for our treasurer or representative.  Register and pay by cash or cheque  or eTransfer. The club provides nets and nylon birds. You need to have your own racket and wear non-marking court shoes. Eye protection is recommended if you don’t usually wear glasses.


Category Fees
Adult Season Membership $140
Full-time Student (up to age 19) Season Membership $90
Half Season Membership $90
Guest/Drop-in $5 per evening*
  • Family Membership discount (for those living at the same address) of $50 total, regardless of the number of individual adult/student members (e.g., two adults plus a student = 2 x $140 plus $90 = $370 – $50 discount = $320 total).

Benefits of Membership

  • A membership provides you with badminton play up to three times a week from Labour Day to Victoria Day.
  • Up to three hours play a night!
  • If you take full advantage of the badminton time available during the year, your costs are less than $1.50 per night. That’s pretty good recreational value!
  • Compete in the year-end club championships and social events!

*Pay prior to sign-in and play. Please try to have exact change.